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Selling your property may seem like an easy matter, but it’s a decision that’s full of risks when you don’t have the guidance and support of an experienced agent. When it comes to such an important decision there’s no room for error. A skilled agent has experience selling homes—he or she knows the market in your area, can best determine your property’s value, has an extensive network of contacts including private clients, and has the specialized skills needed for negotiations—all of which can help you attain the best deal. Additionally, your agent will assist you during the often stressful and time-consuming process of compiling the relevant documents needed for the sale of your property.  


When you use an experienced agent, you benefit from his or hers:

  • Many years of experience in property sales, which will help you avoid pitfalls and unnecessary risks.
  • Extensive knowledge of the market, and the advantages of your neighborhood.
  • Broad network—agents are a part of local, national and international networks, which will play an important role in how quickly your property will sell.
  • Strategy and marketing know-how, to best promote your property.
  • Correct assessment of your property’s value, and the most advantageous time to list your property, based on market analysis.
  • Diverse network of colleagues—including civil engineers, lawyers, intermediary lenders, interior decorators—to support you during the sometimes-stressful process between listing and selling your property.
  • Superior negotiating skills, which will help you attain the highest selling price.
  • Serving as a “gateway”: your agent offers an extra level of security by screening prospective buyers without divulging any personal information regarding you or your property. This saves you the time of taking these extra precautions to identify serious buyers.
  • Whether you’re selling or buying, you’re making a big financial decision—possibly one of the biggest in your life. Working with the right agent—an experienced professional—will give you peace of mind and confidence during a process that can be challenging. When you’re ready to buy or sell a property—choose RE/MAX Fidelity Brokers for service that exceeds expectations!
  • RE/MAX is a world leader in the field of real estate. Founded in 1973, today RE/MAX operates in 110 countries, with more than 8,600 offices and 142,000 agents worldwide. RE/MAX is the most recognized multinational real estate company, trusted by millions of people around the world.
  • We provide our agents with the necessary skills to be able to give you sound advice and guidance every step of the way. Our agents receive continuous training and have access to exclusive tools and innovative services. Our extensive list of private clients and network of buyers and sellers allows RΕ/ΜΑΧ Fidelity Brokers to provide the most reliable, timely and efficient service for all involved.
  • RΕ/ΜΑΧ Fidelity Brokers has over 35 trained and experienced real estate agents offering premium services to assist you with the sale or lease of your property or your search for a new property. We are conveniently located near Syntagma Square.

There are a number of factors that can impact the real estate market—along with unforeseen circumstances—that can make it difficult to assess a property’s commercial value. This is why only an agent with the appropriate training and knowledge can correctly assess your property’s value. In addition to knowing the market conditions, a skilled agent will take into account the multitude of factors that can affect your property’s value and will create a comprehensive report of the optimal purchase or sale price.

This type of professional assessment is important for a property owner because it provides a detailed overview for determining an appropriate listing price. When selling a property, the adage “time is money” holds true: a property that’s listed at an incorrect price may take much longer to sell—and often leads to offers that are significantly lower than the actual value of the property—if it sells at all.

There’s a common misconception that listing a property with multiple agents will result in a quicker sale or lease. This is, without a doubt, wrong. Listing your property with multiple agents results in a sloppy presentation—your property will be listed on various websites, often at different prices, giving the impression that there is something wrong with it. One thing is certain: none of these agents will devote the time, energy and money required to market your property correctly. The key word here is “exclusivity.”

Signing an exclusivity agreement offers you many advantages. Your agent will provide you with premium and innovative marketing services that are specifically tailored to your property. Your property will be promoted to prospective buyers, both locally and abroad, as well as to an extensive list of private clients to help you reach your end goal: selling for the most money in the least amount of time.


Another important advantage is time—namely, yours. You’ll save countless hours and headaches by not having to waste your time communicating with and attempting to coordinate with various real estate offices. Your agent is your go-to person for all matters, and is the one who will screen prospective buyers, to identify those who are qualified buyers from the merely curious. By working exclusively with a RE/MAX Fidelity Brokers agent, you gain a trustworthy and skilled professional who will save you time and help you get the highest price for your property.



Some of the advantages of signing an exclusivity agreement include:

  • Professional filming and photographing of your property
  • Listing on RE/MAX &, as well as other popular sites:,,,
  • Online ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google
  • Your property will be listed and promoted among RE/MAX Fidelity Brokers’ agents, RE/MAX’s network of agents, and other local real estate offices in the area
  • Mailing brochures of your property to the surrounding areas
  • Placement of placards / banners of your property in the surrounding areas
  • Placement of a banner on your property
  • Email blast to our client distribution list
  • Weekly progress updates

With our help, you’ve found a qualified buyer for your property. It would be nice to say things end here, with a simple handshake.

To complete the sale, however, a number of documents and certificates are needed, including a Certificate of Non-Arbitrariness and an Energy Performance Certificate—both of which are provided by a civil engineer. We collaborate with various engineers, to help expedite your required documents and to solve any other related issues that may arise.


These are the basic documents required to sell your property:

  1. Certificate of Tax Awareness
  2. Certificate of Insurance Clearance
  3. ENFIA Certificate
  4. Certificate of Non-Debt / T.A.P. Certificate from the Municipality
  5. Certificate of Non-Arbitrariness, from a civil engineer

Attention: This certificate must precede all other documents!

  1. Energy Performance Certificate, from a civil engineer
  2. A copy of the Contract of Sale
  3. Certificate from the Land Registry
  4. Copy of seller’s ID, occupation and home address

Whether you’re looking to buy your dream home, office space or investment property, a successful property search requires taking a number of things into account. Price and location are certainly two of the most important, but there are others to keep in mind, as well. When you work with an agent from RE/MAX Fidelity Brokers, you’re working with a trained professional, that has years of experience and a vast network of private clients, who can help you find your ideal property.


Your agent is committed to helping you throughout the process, from the start of your search until the sale agreement is signed—offering guidance and showing you appropriate options that match your budget and needs. Your agent will have useful advice and insights, based on a knowledge of the market and of the locations that interest you, to help you make your final decision. Having an agent by your side ensures that you’ll achieve the best possible price during the negotiation and that you’ll be guided through the complex bureaucratic procedures leading up to the sale. As such, using an experienced agent for your property search is a wise choice—you’ll save yourself headaches, unnecessary risks and of course, money.

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