RE/MAX Fidelity Brokers, a member of the RE/MAX Global Network, based in Athens, with 2 offices in key points of special interest, one in the center of Athens, in Syntagma and one in the center of Glyfada, has a large team of experienced and well-trained Consultants, who provide high quality real estate services.

Marketing & Services

With you, in every step from the Assignment to the Signature. A team of professionals works exclusively for you, covering the full range of your needs from the moment of assignment until the moment of signing the contract.

Property appraisal / valuation

One of the most common mistakes that property owners make is incorrectly determining the commercial value of their property. When working with an agent at RE/MAX Fidelity Brokers, you can be assured of a correct valuation—one that’s based on metrics such as location, consumer demand and the property’s condition, along with a comparative market analysis of similar properties that have sold in the area.

Professional photography and videography services

Time and money—two very important factors when it comes to selling or renting your property. With your agent’s help, you’ll take the right steps to prepare your property, which will save you both time and money. Your agent will arrange for a professional photographer to take beautiful photographs and high-resolution video to highlight your property’s best features. Doing so will attract more interested buyers or renters—allowing you to sell or rent your property for the most money and in the least possible time.

Strategic online marketing

We use strategic “Internet Marketing” to best promote your property online and maximize its exposure to interested buyers or renters. Your property will be exclusively listed on, which has site views from over 170 countries around the world. Additionally, we will promote your property on Social Media, as well as on local, national and international Real Estate websites and also in our newsletter that our clients receive. The result: finding the ideal buyer or renter for your property in the shortest amount of time!

Local advertising

Online marketing is a powerful tool, and we complement it with traditional forms of marketing, such as using placards and banners on your property, as well as distributing and posting brochures and signs in the surrounding areas. This maximizes the likelihood of your property being seen, and ultimately of being sold. Our efforts save you time and money.

Our network of agents

From the moment you assign your property to RE/MAX Fidelity Brokers, it’s immediately shared and promoted across our extensive network of agents in Greece and abroad. Your property will be shared with all of the agents in our office and other RE/MAX offices, as well as with other real estate offices in the area. This will lead to your property being sold or rented much more quickly.

Evaluating potential buyers or renters

Many people may express interest in your property. However, these individuals must be screened to determine whether their interest is in your best interest. This is why at RE/MAX Fidelity Brokers we carefully assess interested buyers and renters to determine what they are looking for and whether they are qualified prospects. Only when serious interest is established—along with other necessary criteria—will we then show your property. We will help you review any and all offers received, to help you make the best decision.

Negotiations and support during closing

From listing to closing, you will benefit from our premium services and constant support. With our guidance throughout the process, we’ll coordinate with all parties, keeping the focus on your best interest and concerns. Together, we will review all written offers during the negotiation, ensuring the best possible agreement and the highest price for your property.


Our Experienced And Reliable Partners At Your disposal!

Engineering Services

An experienced team of civil engineers is available to assist with any problems that may arise, and to promptly issue the relevant documents needed for the sale of your property, such as the Certificate of Non-Arbitrariness and the Certificate of Energy Performance.

Legal and Notary Services

We work with a capable team of lawyers and notaries that help formalize the sale of your property. They have the experience and knowledge to handle both ordinary issues, such as those involving title searches, as well as more complex issues that are specific to your property. RE/MAX Fidelity Brokers’ team of lawyers and notaries will ensure that the interests of all parties to the agreement are protected.

Mortgage Services

Being approved for a mortgage requires diligent preparation. At RE/MAX Fidelity Brokers, we work with mortgage specialists and intermediary lenders to help you buy your dream home. Our colleagues offer advice regarding which type of loan would be best for you, and help you avoid pitfalls, such as unfavorable terms that can create problems for you in the future.
We will connect you with the person in charge of your area.

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